Sunday, March 20, 2016

I have been wanting to do a painting challenge with my Pochade Box for some time now. And figured I would just go for it this spring, with all the color changes it is one of my favorite times to paint on location. I also think because of studio projects I have neglected somewhat, my plein air work and this would be a great way to get those painting chops back up and going.

The procedure will be to produce and post daily, a Pochade box painting. The technique will be mainly wet into wet (alla-prima) completed in one sitting. However, I never underestimate the power of a good glaze.  I will post the finished works on my Pochade Box Paintings blog and at auction on Ebay.

Painting on a daily basis will allowed me to focus on the fundamentals, drawing, value, design and color and hopefully learn something new every day. That synchronicity is my goal, the more I paint, the more I learn about painting, the more I see as an artist.

Experience is the most powerful means of learning.
At the core of evolution is challenge. It is the trial to overcome an obstacle. Creative evolution does not occur in a straight, steady progression but is marked by false starts and dead ends, random leaps in different directions, and periods of fruitless activity.

It is a slow progression.

And there is something else, it takes discipline. That artistic mastery we all strive for in our life requires a constant push. So this is the idea, and the Thirty Day Manifesto, I hope you will follow along and see how I do. 

Explore - Question - Learn - - Enjoy, Jim

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