Friday, June 30, 2017

Honey Bear – WIP – And being an “oil” painter.

Funny how you run into someone doing something different, all of sudden you find all sorts of people doing that same thing. “That’s so weird, I just met someone doing that yesterday!” would be the statement.  Coincidences happen but how often do you met a bee keeper or someone involved in bee keeping. So of course that got me thinking about honey and what it would be like to describe it in paint, also that my wife calls our little kitty Honey Bear might play into it.

The truth is, very little does not get me thinking about painting and all of the ways to interpret the world around me visually. I love image making and working with oils, there is something magical about the medium that is nearly transcendental. I enjoy the process and the craft of working with oils, a medium whose techniques dates back to 15th century. That heritage and methodology resonates with me.

It is not sheer coincidence that oil painting has stuck around for centuries. It is the nature of its diversity, the variance of texture, the thick, thin, transparent, opaque and the beauty of the pigment suspended in oil that just draws me and others to it. And when you can pull all of those abstract passages of color together and get an image, what could be more dynamic then that? I believe that understanding the craft of painting creates greater freedom of expression.
It is no coincidence.

“Craftsmanship is the foundation of self-expression.”   -Juliette Aristides

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