Tuesday, February 17, 2009

How to build your own Pochade Box

I've been busy working on a project for my other site dedicated to en plein air painting (painting on location from life). Part of my efforts there was to design and build my own Pochade Box and Panel Carrier. When i decided that I would tackle building my own Pochade Box, there was a precise set of criteria I needed to meet. It needed to be a simple, functional design. Most importantly, it must be easily built without the use of a shop full of equipment. I've seen some wonderful “build your own Pochade Boxes” online. But most people do not have routers and table saws, or any method to cut dados into material. So it had to be constructed with just a set of hand tools, any average person would own and simple joinery. No complicated hardware to fabricate. So here are the results of my efforts. If you are interested or would like to see more details visit my other site, Pochade Box Paintings by this link.
Enjoy Jim.

Since I first published my simple Pochade Box Plans in 2009 I have received many images and emails from both students and professionals who have made a  Serrett Box ( as the simple box with a bungee cord has come to be called ) If I do not get a chance to respond to your email or post your kit on my Pochade Box site, let me say it has been so rewarding to see your efforts, and your correspondence has been greatly appreciated.
 Thank you and keep paying it forward.