Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Feather and Egg

I have posted already a couple of times about this painting, one dealing with my compositional thoughts and later talking about the creative process. I guess what I have to add to this conversation is painting, that is to say - art is never stagnate. 

Feather and Egg – On the easel, this piece was a real problem to photograph just 
so much glare from the texture on the panel and glazes. I will re-shoot it later but 
the two photos will give you a feel for what it looks like in the real.

You may paint the same subject matter a thousand times or struggle with a painting for a thousand hours, every piece changes you, your perspective, and understanding of your craft. Sometimes those changes come fast and sometimes slowly, the real epiphanies or eureka moments seem to happen in those long – slow –deliberate studies. I see and appreciate this in the works of the Old Masters, that long deep study of visual language. And that to acquire such skills and to paint such works of art is a long slow process.

I describe my work as realism, because I am interested in depicting the subjects I choose to paint as I see them in nature. I am fascinated by the way things look, painting is for me about seeing. It forces me to study and understand a thing or an idea, to spend so much time with something that I can really begin to see it and explain the subject with as much clarity as I can. Observing those things that might otherwise might be overlooked. I hope to seduce the viewer into the painting and if they meditate on it for a while, they may discover deeper, more specific layers of meaning.

Feather and Egg - Oil on panel - 9 x 12 in.  -  © Jim Serrett

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Eureka Effect