Monday, January 28, 2013

Japanese Teapot

This little aluminum teapot has been around the studio for awhile now. I had been thinking and toying around with a larger composition for it. But I just seemed to keep coming back to the simple statement of the pot.

The unique shape and great surface gives this little object a lot of character.
That's what influenced me to pick it up at a yard sale in the first place, so I figure I need to go with that first impression.

The only way to evolve as a painter is to recognize those first impressions, that initial inspiration that made you say, this I must paint.

Japanese Teapot - Oil on panel - 8x10 -  Available

"Paint a little less of the facts, and a little more of the spirit." 
                                                                              --Harvey Thomas Dunn (1884-1952)

The Sketch - Lay In


Color pass

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