Friday, January 27, 2012

Interview with Jacob Collins by David Yezzi

Jacob Collins, Self Portrait, 11x9

Jacob Collins is certainly one of the most accomplished realist painters of our time, his contribution as an educator is unequaled. A driving force in the Realist Revolution to revive the art of traditional painting, Collins through his schools and ateliers (Grand Central Academy / Water Street Atelier) has already trained a generation of new artists racking up an impressive list of alumni.

Collins at times seems reluctant to take on the role of leader for the movement but I can not imagine where the state of contemporary realism would be with out him.

Jacob Collins, White Peonies, 16x18

 In this great article from The New Criterion's David Yezzi interviews Jacob Collins about his life, work and the world of figurative art in which he covers Greenberg, the new aesthetic and kung-fu.

Jacob Collins, Reclining Nude Morning 32x56

An interview with Jacob Collins by David Yezzi - The New Criterion

Adelson Galleries New Works by Jacob Collins

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  1. Estou amando o teu blog, é espetacular a tua pintura, não tem como escolher a melhor. Parabéns! Saudações do Brasil.

  2. Obrigado pelo comentário, eu sou tão feliz que você está encontrando o blog interessante.
    Eu quero salientar que o trabalho sobre este post é de Jacob Collins. Uma figura de destaque na arte contemporânea realista, você pode ver mais de seu trabalho clicando no link no meu lado da barra de "Sites que vale a pena". E obrigado por se juntar a meu site.
    Todos os melhores, Jim

    Thank you for the comment; I am so glad you are finding the blog interesting.
    I do want to point out that the work on this post is by Jacob Collins. A leading figure in contemporary realist art, you can see more of his work by clicking the link in my side bar “Sites Worth Seeing”. And thank you for joining my site.
    All the best, Jim