Friday, September 25, 2015

Bottle Collection III - WIP and the constant reminder

I am constantly reminded -  just because you have looked at something, doesn’t mean that you have seen it. Painting is often a practice of being present and that focused attention is a type of discipline that runs directly counter to the high-speed, plugged in digital world we live in.

So I wondered if I would have this still life done in time for a post this month but instead of rushing along, I decided to slow down and take a longer look at it. I think it could stand another pass with just a bit of nudging here and there. For such a simple arrangement of objects there are a lot of things going on. Some very subtle reflections and color notes. And to observe and capture those unique nuances has been a slow go.

At this point I think I will let it live a while there on the easel and wrangle with it just a little more. It’s like a small military campaign and the battleground is my palette and the canvas the spoils of war.

 “If There Is No Struggle, There Is No Progress”  Frederick Douglass

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