Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Red Apple

Big Red
Oil on panel

A small study focusing on the contrast of color complements. We describe form by the lightness or darkness of an object. When painting we use a colors complement to shade or shadow the form, to give it dimension. The complement green in this case must be seen in the red apple shadow and vise versa for the cloth. The lightest tones on an object are the highlights and even they have a slight influence of the objects complement color. Pumping a little green into the highlight gives it a real spark.

Using items that are opposite in color actually helps to see this feature of light. If a colors complement is not used in conjunction with it, the color looks flat or unnatural.

Explore - Question - Learn - Enjoy, Jim


  1. This is lovely, Jim. It is really an effective use of complements, and I can really pick them up in the shadowed areas........not to mention that the apple looks delicious!

  2. Thanks Lynda,
    Always appreciate your comments.

  3. Mmmm.... very tasty!

    Wonderful apple, it has extraordinary realism. Congratulations

    Kind regards

  4. Hi Jim!... "Big Red"... would be a BIG hit... and welcome parting gift for any deserving teacher at year's end!.... HINT!HINT!.... people with school children out there!

    Beautiful colour and execution of detail ... all laid up against that dark complementary backdrop!

    Simply..... deeeee-licious Jim!

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,

  5. Carmen and Jesus,
    Thanks for the comments and the positive support.
    It is greatly appreciated.

    Your right about that, it would be a good gift for a teacher.
    Hint, hint to any readers.
    Great to hear from you.