Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Catwalk 20x30 Oil on canvas

This subject interested me because of all the obvious patterns in the wood structure and secondary patterns of the cast shadows. Also the crazy looking braces, supports, the weathered look of the wood and the large antiquated graphics. I composed the image to zoom in on those elements and hopefully give the painting a sense of scale.

As you travel the highways you can not help but notice the old wooden billboards especially in the southeastern part of the states. Most of these old wood structures have been replaced by giant single pole metal structures that loom over the interstate like some enormous metal Colossus.  Many in fact, are pretty tacky and for better or worse have become a common part of the American landscape.

 For the artist I believe that the even most ordinary things are worth examining, and there is always something unique to be seen. If one keeps that maxim, you’ll never be Bill Bored.

( ok ,..ok… I know, really bad pun. )

Enjoy Jim


  1. Okay, very funny Jim even tho a really badddddd joke.......But what a wonderful painting with so many interesting parts and pieces to get lost in. Great compostition.

  2. I like Jim. Well done. Do you have laws limiting roadside advertising like we do in NZ?

  3. What has appealed to me is your views on composition as they are different from most. You seek out the unusual angle and then crop tight.

    Thank you for sharing,

  4. I just could not pass up that joke.
    Thanks for the comment Lynda.

    chook, many states have a no brush cut ordinance, to restrict the removal of vegetation and trees for these billboards but the latest trend is just build the things higher than the trees.
    That may save some trees but does not help the visual aesthetic.
    From what I've read NZ is certainly more environmental conscious the the states.

    Egmont, I think composition is the first element in art, I probably think more about it than anything else. Always a appreciate the your comments.

  5. such an interesting perspective--this is very well done!

  6. Great painting Jim. Nice compostion.

  7. I love urban scenes like this one. All the angles and lines are so appealing.