Sunday, November 9, 2008

Still life with Two Pears, finished work

Oil 24x30 Still life with Two Pears - finished work
Still life's are such a joy to paint, they can become very intimate moments in time. And remarkable abstract qualities seen within the play of light and shadow. It is those subtle and complex relationships within a painting that attracts me to a subject.
This piece was done in a very traditional or classical method of thin transparent color, "velaturas" applied over a gray " grisaille" monochrome under painting. Posted earlier in this blog.
The amount of light, depth and atmosphere you can achieve in this manner is almost magical. Multiple veils of transparent color contrasted by opaque light passages, produces a level of realism that I believe can not be matched with other approach. You literally carve out volume with this method.

Enjoy, thanks for looking.


  1. Hey Philip, Glad to see you.
    That's pretty good, at least you didn't think they were lightbulbs.

  2. Beautiful work.